National Apartment Rental Survey Highlights Several Amenities Desired by the Average Tenant

Swimming pool and garden at resortApartments have gradually become more accommodating to their tenants over the years when it comes to amenities, but a recent survey shows that residents still desire a few extra perks that many have not yet added.

According to RIS Media, The National Multifamily Housing Council’s Kingsley Associates 2015 Apartment Resident Preferences Survey analyzed data from about 120,000 tenant responses across the country. As part of the survey, apartment residents were asked to list some new amenities they would like to see added in or near their building.

“This is the largest survey of its kind and reveals new insights into this fast-growing segment of the housing market,” said John Falco of Kingsley Associates. “With Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies projecting upwards of 4 million new renters during the next decade, we expect the race for new amenities — and the demand for them — will only grow.”

Among the most popular amenities requested were stores and restaurants that are in walking distance of the apartment building. However, many apartments are in urbanized locations, which makes this request difficult to appease.

As far as in-house amenities go, respondents emphasized their desire for buildings to install “package lockers” for each resident as the holiday season approaches. A typical apartment community can receive up to 100 packages during the average week, and that number usually doubles around the holidays.

Another requested amenity from respondents concerns their furry friends. Pet owners would like to see a wide array of add-ons for their cats and dogs, including a community dog park within walking distance and free dog treats in the lobby.

While these perks would certainly be welcomed by most apartment residents, those who live in private housing communities around the country enjoy a host of unique resort-style amenities that cannot be found in even the nicest apartment buildings.

According to NewsTimes, a Connecticut community is also striving to offer more perks to locals. The Newtown Community Center Commission recently received over 3,400 responses to a survey asking residents for amenities they would like to see added throughout the town.

The top two requested amenities were a community pool and ice rink, followed by a general increase of flexible space for residents to do whatever they please. As one might expect, some odd submissions also surfaced, including a shooting range, a community cigar/poker night, and a “clothing optional section” of the town.

While a designated nudist colony may not garner the support of an entire community, it’s safe to say that demand for more amenities is at an all-time high in the U.S.