New App Bridges the Gap Between Paper and Digital Business Cards

haystackBusiness cards have been a staple of social meetings and networking connections for years, but with the rise of devices, the Digital Age, and the looming Internet of Things, they’re in danger of falling to the wayside.

Another app is trying its hand at getting into the world of business cards. This time it’s called Haystack, and, rather than replacing paper cards altogether, it serves as a way to scan, store, and catalog business card information.

According to Tech Crunch, the app launched in the United States, Canada, and the UK earlier this week, but has been in testing for the last few months in Australia. The maker of the app, Ran Heimann lives in Brisbane.

Many rely on business cards to help spread awareness and draw attention to a person or a business, and they have been shown to increase sales. For every 2,000 cards a person distributes, sales rise by 2.5%.

The problem is that the world is inevitably shifting to the digital realm and paper altogether is doomed to obsolescence. In fact, the majority of paper business cards (88%) are thrown out within a week.

“Paper business cards are still the most traditional method to share limited information and do business,” says Scott Milbury, President, Code2Action, Inc. “In my opinion, they will always be used. However, in today’s tech-savvy world, business professionals are moving away from traditional methods and more towards digital and mobile solutions.”

It makes sense that business cards are going digital, and smartphone apps play a dominant role in social interactions already, given that 80% of adults now own a smartphone. Until the world catches on to a completely digital exchange of business cards, apps like Haystack should bridge the gap between print and digital.

Since there are still paper cards out there but people still have a preference for using their smartphones, the Haystack app could prove to be a useful transitional tool between paper and digital business cards. The app also allows users to share their own business cards through text messages or email.

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