New ‘Boss Wedding’ Viral Video is Actually a Trailer for a Couple’s Summer Wedding

bambo janiceVia our daily meanderings through the interconnected digital banquet of cat memes and viral videos that is our modern Internet landscape, it’s possible to assume that we’ve seen it all at this point. But that would be hubris on our part. Cold, chilly, misguided hubris.

That’s because a couple of engaged lawyers named Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz have decided, whether intentionally or not, to churn out the world’s greatest wedding invitation video and let it spread across the pages of the web like wildfire — or should we say, like internal server processing errors?

The video, emailed by the engaged couple to their family and friends, is a self-described “wedding trailer” for their big day, and it plays out exactly like the preview of the next big Hollywood summer blockbuster (as directed by Michael Bay or Baz Luhrmann, naturally). In reality, it was actually dreamed up by the lovebirds, then produced and shot by Major Diamond Productions, a California company.

Officially called “Boss Wedding,” the trailer plays out more like a rap video, with sky-high views of down Los Angeles, luxury cars in action and decorations and drinks galore. All that is piled on top of a Kanye West and Jay-Z tune, and soon, the whole thing begins to feel like a throwback to Luhrmann’s extravagant Great Gatsby update last summer, which showcased much of the same. Obaro and Jentz, who met at University of San Francisco’s law school, clearly wanted to give folks in their inner circle a bold preview of the ceremony to come. It looks like they succeeded.

Because of its profligate tendencies, “Boss Wedding” has already drawn plenty of comparison to Kanye’s own engagement stunt which he pulled for fiancee Kim Kardashian by renting out San Francisco’s AT&T Park and hiring a choir to play romantic songs. However, it should be noted that while Kanye and Kim — or “Kimye,” by their popular media handle — likely topped the entire concept of proposals, Obaro and Jentz — who have so far avoided a joint media-christened moniker — have perfected an entirely different thing, the art of the invite.

And there’s no denying that “Boss Wedding” is indeed perfect. With flawless production quality, a sense of drama and a hit soundtrack, it’s poised to become one of the top viral videos of 2014. Obaro and Jentz played it smart, too, and now the web is all a-flutter with talk of their impending knot-tying.

As of now, no venue has been selected for the nuptials, the Huffington Post reports. The wedding will be held on Saturday, July 12 as per the video.