New Custom T Shirt Design App Raises $750,000 in Funding

snapWish you could turn your latest Instagram photo into a custom t shirt? There’s an app for that. Literally. Snaptee, a new mobile application that allows users to turn their smartphone photos — such as selfies — into custom print tees, has raised a whopping $750,000 in additional funding from new investors, eager to tap into the booming custom print tee and promotional product industry. This latest funding brings the total amount Snaptee has raised to over $1 millon.

Co-founder and CEO of Snaptee, Wai-Iun Hong, states that this latest funding will be put towards expanding Snaptee into the American and Japanese markets, and also to update its custom t shirt design platform in order to make it more intuitive and easier to use. The new and improved version of the app is scheduled to debut shortly before the upcoming holiday season.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Hong expressed that the updated Snaptee app will have additional features which help users to discover other designers’ work, facilitating an inspired and creative environment. Users will be able to interact with each other much easier by commenting, tagging, and following. Currently, Snaptee has an estimated 500,000 registered users with hopes of more has the new version is launched.

However, Snaptee isn’t the only app that allows users to design custom print tees. Snaptee is up against a number of other t shirt design platforms, however, Snaptee’s differentiation lies on its strategy, which focuses on the user’s experience. This easy to use app allows users to further customize their designs by applying filters and templates prior to aligning it on the t shirt. Users can even “remix” or redesign each other’s designs, with the original designer receiving a small portion of any sales made off of the redesign t shirt. This facilitates a social environment, which is the purpose of social media platforms.

“People love to show off and share with social media,” says Elise Harding of Tee Compressed. “Snaptee capitalizes on this idea and appears to be an instant success. Custom t-shirts allow individuals to express their taste. By making it easy to access and possible to customize each others pictures the options are endless and fun.”

In an the era of digital marketing strategies, Snaptee illustrates the importance of merging old and new ideas. Custom print tees are still relevant in today’s modern world, and technology has increased their relevance even more.