New Dental Technology Gives Older Patients More Treatment Options

dentalelderlyThink that kids are the only ones who can have braces? Think again! Many adults are discovering that there may be a simple solution for their dental problems, no matter what their age may be, and no matter how long they’ve been suffering with the problems. Although orthodontia is usually associated with pediatric dentistry, dental technology has progressed enough in the past few years to allow for a wide variety of treatments that are both affordable and discreet.

In fact, one Missouri orthodontist notes that anywhere between 25 and 30 percent of his practices’ patients are adults, and that older patients seek dental treatments for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Although the notion of getting orthodontic treatments simply to have straighter teeth may seem superfluous to some older patients, it’s worth noting that crooked teeth can actually lead to a variety of other dental and overall health problems. An overbite or underbite, for example, doesn’t just present discomfort whenever you bite down — it can actually lead to uneven wear on the teeth and can damage the teeth and gums even further.

Many adult patients who seek dental treatments often do so only after their children have received treatment, and many older patients aren’t aware that dental solutions aren’t just affordable and simple, but that they’re very common in the dental industry these days. It’s natural for a person’s teeth to shift over time, even if they received orthodontic treatments as a child, and keeping teeth and gums clean tends to get harder as a person ages. Many other changing factors, such as diet or a pregnancy, can also significantly affect a person’s oral health. Newer orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments allow dentists to fix these problems using minimally-invasive and/or discreet techniques, which makes it easier for older patients to feel comfortable and confident about their smile.