Nor’easter Expected to Cause Trouble For Thanksgiving Travelers

466738723A major winter storm system in the forecast for Wednesday is likely to significantly delay travel plans for those hitting the roads for Thanksgiving celebrations this week.

The nor’easter is expected to bring a variety of different weather conditions to affected areas, including rain, snow and high winds from Washington, D.C to Boston. Western Massachusetts is expected to receive up to 16 inches of snow.

“Travel is not going to be a lot of fun for people trying to get to grandma’s house on Wednesday,” said lead Weather Channel meteorologist Kevin Roth, according to NBC News.

Winter storm warnings have been issued from the Canadian border all the way down to North Carolina, making the odds of major airport delays quite likely, as well. Residents planning to travel into or out of this part of the country on Wednesday would be wise to prepare for flight delays and cancellations.

Traveling by car in the Upstate New York region could prove particularly troublesome with temperatures varying from the upper 60s to below 40 this week. After the unprecedented snowstorm that hit the Buffalo area last week, city officials are concerned about flooding in this area, causing even more trouble for those driving on the New York Thruway.

Wednesday may not be shaping up to be the best travel day, but that won’t stop most people from hitting the road to reach their destination in time for Thanksgiving. For those braving the cold and snow, the best way to ensure everyone’s safety on the road is to prepare their vehicles for winter driving conditions.

“When it comes to winterizing your car, you need to take care of at least three things; the coolant system, the battery and your tires,” says Gary Ingold, Owner, Duraleigh Auto Center. “We would recommend that you have your coolant system checked and/or serviced to make sure you have the proper amount of antifreeze as well as have your battery checked to make sure it is properly charged. Lastly, you will need to make sure that there is enough tread on your tires when traveling through such conditions to remain safe.”

Some of the most important ways to prepare for driving in the winter include keeping the gas tank at least half full at all times, making sure tire treads are sufficient and trading them for winter tires if they are not, and making sure the car has enough antifreeze.

It is also advisable to keep an emergency kit in the back of the car throughout the winter, especially on long car trips. Even drivers who have prepared their cars for winter driving as much as possible could become stranded in a sudden snowstorm. In this scenario, having an emergency kit with a shovel, blanket and cellphone charger could be a lifesaver.