North Korean SCUD

North Korea Fires Four Scud Missiles into East Sea

North Korean SCUDWhenever U.S and South Korean forces launch military exercise, North Korea reacts with bombs and missiles.
The South Korean Defense Ministry said that “North Korea has fired 4 Scud mission into the east sea”.  The spokesman of South Korean Defense Ministry Kim Ming-seok adds, “We consider this a threat to the security of the region and it would spark more tensions between the two rival countries”. On the other hand, Pentagon said that “those missiles were fired in the direction of Russia and happened to fall down in the Sea of Japan”.
The sources claim, whenever U.S and South Korea conducts a joint military exercise, North Korea reacts with bombs and missiles. Last year exercises sparked tensions in the region and North Korea had warned the both countries for launching the preemptive nuclear strikes. It is the reason that both countries do not make it public that where the drills are being conducted.
It goes without saying, it was for the first time that “North Korea had fired Scud missiles with the capability of covering the whole Korean peninsula”, said the Spokesman.  He further adds, it might have been a missile test or military exercise but the motive of firing the Scuds was to threaten our security.
Besides, the foreign policy experts said, the firing of Scuds would not repeat the grave tensions that showed the symptoms of preemptive nuclear strikes last year and the conditions of this year are totally different.
Remember, North Korea has always reacted with acrimony since the U.S and South Korea began to conduct joint military exercises and it had tested its last nuclear test in the February 2013.

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