Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis forces authorities to form new government

Ukraine CrisisCrisis in Ukraine are going to change the entire political system. Sources claim “The protestation and unrest in the country tend to grow with every passing day and it forces the authorities to form new government within short span of time”. Inevitably, the degree of unrest can be gauged from the fact that the government of President Viktor Yanukovych’shad to leave the power echelons.
It goes without saying that the date for new elections has not been announced but the preparation for forming the interim government is underway. The opposition leaders are trying to bring pro-western ministers to the helms of affairs and intend to replace the pro Russian leadership from the power.
On the other hand, the two ethnically motivated groups in Crimea region have sparked violence.  One group upholds the political support with pro Russian leaders and the other group displays support for United Ukraine. The tensions in this region have gone to such extent that pro Russian armed men have besieged all the government buildings in Simferopol and the protest has forced the local authorities to announce a provisional date for the new elections.
Needless to say, the world leaders have set vigilant watch over this issue and reaction of Russia is being closely monitored across the globe. Although, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin have already alerted his forces. Contrary to this, European Union and senior Diplomats of United States have asked Russia not to react over this issue which may incite more troubles in the region.
Defense Secretary of United States Chuck Hagal said that “United States is closely watching the involvement of Russian army in the issue”. Whereas, Sergei Lavrov the Foreign minister of Russia said “John Kerry and I had a very healthy discussion over the Ukraine issue and we are committed to do something to end the crisis”.
Lastly, the spokesman of White house Jay Carney said that “U.S welcomes the decision of Ukraine parliament to install new leadership for stabilization of the nation”.