Now Available — The Lady-Friendly Camera by Sony

cameraHave you ever wanted to take a selfie, but held your camera up and thought Hm, maybe not — this high-tech-looking camera just isn’t a good representation of my feminine personality… ? Well, you’re in luck; Sony’s latest creation, the KW1 Camera, looks like pastel-colored perfume bottle, but actually comes equipped with a 180 degree rotating lens, wi-fi capabilities for instant sharing, and it boasts of variety beauty-enhancing features like the Beauty Effect mode, which smooths skin tone, and easy-to-access “eye widening” options.

The camera doesn’t actually contain a spot for actual perfume, but with its sleek and feminine design, complete with Swarovski crystal accents, no one around you will know any better. And while it appears like you’re just freshening up, you can actually be taking a high-quality selfie with a 19.2 megapixel Exmor RS sensor, which produces professional-looking photos even in low-light conditions, and then editing and sharing your photo on a 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen.

The selfie camera, which comes with a retail price of $845 USD, is being marketed toward the teen and young adult female populations of the world. Sony is currently focusing on its release in the selfie-obsessed East Asian markets, but if it becomes successful, it may just make its way over into Western markets.

According to Engadget research, the trend of attaching a Chanel perfume bottle case to one’s smartphone is becoming extremely popular, and combined with the desire to make high-tech gadgets more “lady friendly” in Eastern countries, this phenomenon lead Sony to develop the selfie camera.

Although plenty of critics are likely to question Sony’s need to attach a pastel perfume bottle onto a camera to make it more “lady friendly,” this new camera certainly reflects a huge change in the world of digital photography. Not only do people want high-quality capabilities, but they want extra features that make personalization of their photos (and of the camera itself) extremely easy. Gone are the days when the average photographer had time to transfer photos onto a computer, go through a complicated photo editing program to tweak each picture, and spend countless hours waiting for photos to be uploaded.