Oregon Man Dubbed as ‘Prolific Graffiti Vandal’ Finally Arrested After Years of Mischief

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Popular street artist Banksy is world-renowned for his creative art centered around social critiques, but if he has one glaring fault, it’s inspiring a whole generation of miscreants to follow in his rebellious footsteps.

According to local Oregon news affiliate KEZI, 19-year-old Patrick Morris of Adair, OR, was recently arrested in nearby Corvallis. He’s facing multiple charges, including criminal mischief and applying graffiti.

Morris’s arrest is notable because he was something of a wanted man among Oregon police. Authorities have dubbed him as a “prolific graffiti vandal” due to a string of incidents dating back to 2012.

Morris has been tagging traffic signs using a host of carefully-planned monikers, including Gnome, OAE, and the eponymous portmanteau PatMo. He is being accused of vandalizing several locations in Corvallis and Albany, both located in Oregon.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics says that graffiti constitutes 35% of all property vandalism, making it the most common form of criminal mischief. However, one reality television star is continuing to find new ways to wreak havoc on the public, and what he’s accused of doing is much worse than spray painting.

According to CBS 6 in Albany, 41-year-old Jackass star Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading no contest to misdemeanor charges filed after an incident in the Hollywood SeaWorld last month.

Glover reportedly climbed to the top of a crane overlooking the popular theme park to protest their treatment of animals. He was charged with creating a false emergency, vandalism, and several fireworks violations after the stunt drew a large police and firefighter presence.

The reality star was also sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to reimburse nearly $14,000 to the city for its emergency response efforts.

The Jackass crew was pulling these types of stunts long before Banksy ever hit the mainstream, but one has to think his promotion of graffiti and public protest has something to do with the increase of vandalism throughout the country.

It begs the question…between Steve-O and PatMo, is the world no longer safe?