Real Estate Agents Harass Woman After Buying Her Info Online

notforsaleReal estate agents have called a Colorado woman over 100 times during the past couple of weeks in an attempt to win her as a client. The only trouble is that her home isn’t for sale.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” Deborah Averch told KUSA-TV. “It’s like a bunch of vultures out there.”

A few months ago, Averch listed her home, but took it off the market when a deal fell through and she realized that she had to make some repairs. Then, on March 30, she received between 75 to 100 phone calls from real estate agents trying to convince her to sell her property in just 12 hours. Although many were from her area, she also received phone calls from real estate agents from all around the country.

“It just hit so quickly that I didn’t know what to do,” Averch said. “Even though I would say ‘no, it’s not on the market anymore,’ they would keep pushing you.”

To get to the bottom of things, Averch first called the agent with whom she originally worked, and asked what happened. The agent said she hadn’t done anything, and then started calling some of the other agents who contacted Averch to find out where they found her number.

Although some hung up on Averch’s original real estate agent, others confessed to getting her information from RedX and Vulcan 7, websites that sell leads on expired listings. However, it is possible that other, similar sites were also selling her information.

Averch contacted both sites, asking that they remove her information from their listings. RedX did get back to her, saying that they’d take her off, but couldn’t guarantee that other sites would.