The Real Reason Pajamas Onesies Are So Popular in 2015

bed timePre-teen Toby Lee is a talented guitar player with millions of Youtube videos under his belt. The Chicago Cubs are a professional American baseball team that have won 87 games so far this year. And in Australia, 700 college students recently gathered to raise awareness for the mental illness non-profit R U OK?

So what do they all have in common? When they need to get some extra attention, they put on adult pajama onesies. These pajamas for adults became a fad in the last 10 years, particularly among irony-obsessed hipsters. They caught on as hilarious Halloween costumes or gag gifts. But what started as a fad has proven to have remarkable staying power, and footed pajamas onesies have caught on in a big way all over the world.

Look at Toby Lee, the teen guitarist. Although he’s a talented young rock star, Youtube is overflowing with similar young prodigies. So Lee started performing in cute animal onesies. One video of the precocious musician playing B.B. King music in a tiger onesie has 509,098 views so far.

But that’s nothing compared to the attention received by the Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta. He celebrated an August no-hitter by giving interviews to the media while dressed in a mustache onesie. Then, the whole team got in on the adult pajamas action, with dozens of professional ball players wearing colorful footed pajamas, butt flaps and all.

“Onesie footed pajamas became popular in the late 1990’s as we were entering a new century, worse a new millennium where the world would never be the same,” says John Fitzpatrick, CEO, Big Feet Pajama Company. “Baby boomers want nostalgia and millennials want irony; so get your butt flap onesies delivered via drone moments after you push a few buttons on your personal communications device. Boomers will smile as they fondly remember a childhood Christmas; millennials will strike a pose, take a selfie and send it around the world.”

In a social media-addicted market, the jumpsuit-style, one-piece adult pajamas can help generate extraordinarily shareable content, ready-made for the Twitter and Instagram masses to like, share, and retweet.

They can also be used for a good cause. This September, students at Australia’s Pymble Ladies’ College gathered to try and break the official world record for highest number of people gathered at once in pajamas onesies (because of course there’s an official record). More than 700 staff members and students frolicked in a green field wearing festive animal onesie pajamas for adults.

And although they didn’t beat the record (which is 1,184), they did raise awareness for the suicide prevention support group R U OK?

And it’s all thanks to silly onesies.


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