Self-Proclaimed Bachelor George Clooney Rumored To Be Engaged to Girlfriend Amal Alamuddin

clooneyThe rumor mill is circulating again, and — this time — glossy magazines are reporting some truly shocking news: self-proclaimed bachelor for life, George Clooney, might be engaged. Clooney is allegedly taking the next step with girlfriend Amal Alamuddin, “a 36-year-old Oxford-educated British lawyer,” according to CNN. Several tabloids and People magazine write that close friends have revealed that the couple is engaged, despite their wishes to keep it secret.

Alamuddin reportedly isn’t helping matters by wearing a large, “conspicuous ring on her left ring finger,” People reported. U.S. Weekly goes so far as to confirm the engagement, adding, “He seems incredibly happy, and Amal is such a sweet and intelligent girl, who has her own thoughts and ideas and doesn’t just bow down to everything he says.” Clooney’s official representative has remained mum on the recent — and supposed — development in the couple’s relationship.

Clooney has been pretty outspoken about his preference to remain a bachelor in the past. In fact, in September — the month before he was first spotted in public with Alamuddin — Clooney reiterated his desire to remain unmarried in an interview with Esquire‘s Alex Blimes. “I haven’t had aspirations in that way, ever,” Clooney replied, when Blimes asked why the actor does not have a wife and kids. The couple’s closeness, however, is apparent. Clooney took Alamuddin on an African safari earlier this year; the accomplished lawyer also accompanied Clooney on a White House screening of “The Momuments Men.”

With fellow Hollywood star Johnny Depp also officially engaged, many people may be wondering if marriage is making a comeback, after several years of speculated decline.

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