Solid Gold Godzilla Figurine Goes On Sale for $1.4 Million

goldgodzillaThink you’re a huge Godzilla fan? Now is the time to prove it. Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka is celebrating Godzilla’s 60th birthday by creating a statue of the legend. Made from 24 karat solid gold and weighing in at 15 kg, and standing 24 centimeters tall, this figurine carries a price tag of 150 million yen (which comes out to be a little over $1.4 million in U.S. dollars).

The gold figurine was on display in a few stores before officially going on the market on July 20th, and it will continue to travel around Japan for special viewings until the end of August, after which it will (hopefully) find a home with some dedicated collector. The figurine’s creation corresponds with the opening of Legendary Pictures’Godzilla in Japan, making Godzilla a popular trend in Japan right now.

Most jewelers don’t focus on creating pieces like this Godzilla — and at such a high price, it’s worth wondering why a jeweler would decide to make the piece at all. It’s so secret that gold tends to be a soft metal, and it seems like a risky endeavor to create such an expensive piece out of solid gold. But something about gold just grabs the attention. Millions of pieces of jewelry are created each year using gold as the primary material, and it’s one of the most valuable natural substances all over the globe.