Tennessee Woman Walks Down The Aisle Dragging a Baby

babyA Tennessee woman allegedly tied her one-month old baby to the train of her wedding dress before walking down the aisle. “Shona Carter-Brooks said on Facebook that Aubrey was ‘awake and well-secured’ and ‘covered in Christ,'” according to USA Today. Even so, many are up in arms that Carter-Brooks reportedly sewed her baby’s clothes to her Vera Wang wedding dress and dragged the child, Aubrey, along the floor.

Concerned parents want to know why Carter-Brooks did not simply carry her baby, instead of dragging her. Carter-Brooks responded to criticisms in a Facebook status update: “People questioning what we do, commenting all negative, and just doing the most. We good though we covered by the Blood which never loose its power,” Carter-Brooks wrote. “So to the media, radio, news, and whomever else wanting to talk about what WE do here you go: Media Media I see how it works regardless the situation or purpose people gone have something negative to say! The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine.”

The Daily Mail initially published Instagram pictures of Carter-Brooks, her baby, and her unique dress. Since then, all photos have been removed. Carter-Brooks’ dress is visible in her Facebook profile picture only. The newly wed woman declined an interview with BuzzFeed.