Decreasing the Carbon Footprint, One Passenger at a Time

carbon-footprintEnvironmental concerns are increasing at an abundant rate, and while we are quick to say that businesses should regulate carbon dioxide emissions and paper consumption, there seems to be no consensus on how individuals can contribute. A recent HuffPost Green article discusses the hesitation and resentment that many people feel regarding material consumption; it’s easy to justify taking a two-hour drive to visit a friend after working hard all week, but the subsequent guilt of taking an unnecessary trip might show up just as easily when you fill up your tank at the gas pump.

Bus Companies Becoming Environmentally Conscious
Buses have come a long way since the 1800s when they were run by horses (that’s right, horses?, later by steam power, and most recently, by gas. Bus companies today are making huge efforts to limit the amount of harmful chemicals produced by vehicles and many modern charter buses run on natural gas, bio-diesel, electricity, or hybrid electric-gas. The United Kingdom recently debuted an electric bus system, which is expected to achieve great success.

How Can You Contribute?
Quite simply, choosing to ride charter buses instead of flying or driving your own vehicle is an easy way to make a big difference. Not only will you save money–there is no easier way to drain your wallet than going to the gas pump every week–but you limit the large amount of harmful gases emitted by hundreds of thousands of individual cars.

Unexpected Comfort
The best part about choosing charter buses is that you don’t have to sacrifice your usual comforts while helping the environment. Many charter buses come equipped with amenities such as wi-fi access, air conditioning, reclined seating, restrooms, and entertainment systems. All you have to do is relax and let the driver take you to your destination.