Texas Felon’s Failure to Wear a Helmet Brings Him Into Custody

motorcycleMotorcycle helmet laws vary from state to state and, on Sunday, 27-year-old Allen Keith Stanley learned that, while you don’t have to wear one in Texas, you certainly do in California. After being pulled over for riding without a helmet, Stanley tried to flee. It was not until after chasing him down, tackling him, and bringing him into custody that there was a felony warrant out for his arrest.

Stanley’s crime? Larceny. In fact, the motorcycle was riding was stolen just hours before he got caught, in San Francisco. Perhaps his most minor offense was the fact that he was driving without a license. The thief was also on active parole for residential burglary in the state of Texas and had a hypodermic needle in his bag when he was detained.

Apart from a couple of minor scrapes and bruises, nobody was injured in the chase and subsequent tackling of Stanley.

In order to protect themselves from burglars like him, regardless if they come from Texas or not, more California residents are starting to make their homes safer by investing in tools and devices that reinforce their front door. In Bakersfield, locksmiths and contractors are seeing an increase in homeowners looking for a bit of extra protection.

“A deadbolt lock with a reinforced strike will prevent a door from being kicked in easily,” explains Phil Gonzales, an expert locksmith withTexas Safe and Secure.

One of the main concerns regarding burglary is that, unfortunately, it can happen at any time during the day, even in broad daylight. The majority actually take place during the day while residents are out of the home at work or school. When they take place, not only will stolen items need to be replaced, but damage to broken windows or doors is often needed as well. So making homes more secure is a smart trend for every homeowner.

“When people have [burglaries] happen to them, there’s an emotional effect. So I started looking for a product that we can secure these properties. My goal is to bring [the Door Sentinel] to the community and hopefully make people safer,” said Jim Hungerford, owner of JLH construction.

Home security is an issue across the country and, especially for felons looking to make a getaway, so are helmet laws. While most homeowners don’t have motorcycles, the majority have a front door. Installing new safety measures is a great way to reduce the risk of burglary.