WebMD Sues Everyday Health, Citing Unfair Search Engine Marketing Practices

WebMD_logoWebMD is suing one of its competitors, Everyday Health, for what it claims are unfair search engine marketing practices along with trademark infringement, false advertising and unfair competition.

According to the Wall Street Journal, WebMD’s complaint, filed on Thursday, June 19, states that Everyday Health has been using WebMD’s trademark on its web pages, web addresses and search engine advertising campaigns “to deceive and mislead” consumers and advertisers into thinking Everyday Health is the trusted health and wellness site WebMD.

“Today’s action is necessary to protect our brand, uphold our high quality standards and defend the trust our users and advertisers have placed in WebMD,” WebMD Chief Executive David Schlanger said in a statement, according to the Wall Street Journal.


“It is vitally important to insure the company that you are going to entrust your marketing efforts to, knows and understands what is right and wrong to do in the work place.” Tiffiny Hladczuk, Business Manager of Integrated Technology Services.

In its lawsuit, WebMD seeks to bar Everyday Health from employing these unfair search engine marketing practices in addition to payment for unspecified damages and legal fees, according to Medical Daily.

On the other side of the lawsuit, Everyday Health claims WebMD’s complaints are without meritMedical Daily reports, and intends to defend themselves during the suit.

“Furthermore, the claims relate to only a small portion of the company’s search engine marketing efforts — the campaigns referenced in the complaint relate to a very immaterial portion of Everyday Health’s overall traffic and a very immaterial portion of the company’s revenue,” Everyday Health said in a statement. “Everyday Health is confident that the lawsuit will not impact the way in which it operates its business going forward in any meaningful way.”

WebMD is the Internet’s largest health content provider, boasting 156 million unique visitors monthly, Medical Dailyreports.