Coffee Makers and Custom Roller Shades Recalled in 2015

rollershadeEvery year, American consumers purchase billions of products as gifts or to use around the house. Most of these items will work as intended, but others may malfunction or fail to function at all. In a few cases, the manufacturer may even be forced to issue a recall of the product in question. While 2015 is still new, two prominent products have already been recalled by their brands. Could one of these items be in your home, putting your family at risk?

In late January, Keurig recalled 7.2 million MINI Plus coffee machines for concerns over burns and potential injuries. While the compact, fast-brewing machine was designed for tight spaces, the danger it presents is far from small: the company has reportedly received around 200 reports of hot liquid overflowing from the model, with 90 of the cases resulting in burn-related injuries. Accordingly, Keurig has issued a recall of more than seven million of the machines in North America, which will repair the issue free of charge.But Keurig wasn’t the only company in hot water: the window treatment company Windowtex, which specializes in manual and automatic shading systems, also recalled custom roller shades due to risk of injury. A steel pin inserted into the shade’s idler can reportedly become dislodged, causing the shade to fall from the mounting bracket. The company has apparently received six reports of these falls, which pose a risk of injury if a user were to be struck. Fortunately, because the recall specifically focuses on custom roller shades, it is possible that the flaw affects few of the company’s products and that most customers are safe.As frightening as these cases are, industry experts say they also highlight the importance of properly researching products you use both before and after you buy them.

“Roller shades are one of the most popular shade styles, so it’s not surprising to see that some of them have been recalled,’ says Mike Iannone, Owner of Window Trends. “It’s important to pick a reputable manufacturer and keep an eye on recalls.”

Anyone who has purchased a Keurig MINI Plus coffee brewing system should call Keurig at (844) 255-7886. The product was marketed to college students, office workers, and other people who might only have limited space. Similarly, any homeowners who purchased custom roller shades from Windowtex should contact the company at (877)294-3580.