Little time left to turn down the world’s heat, U.N. says

What is your prediction of the next century; drier, hungrier or hotter? United Nations says that we are left with very short time to decrease the earth temperature. We have to take collective effort to reduce the growing heat. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that “cutting emission will increase our time to maintain the temperature otherwise delaying mitigation would create more problems for us”.

The co-chairman of the IPCC Vicente Barros said that “we are not prepared for the climate change risks, though, in many cases, we face them”.  The report of UN concludes that if we would not check emission and do not make a collective effort, the repercussions of climate change will be more deadly.

Besides, Kelly Levin energy expert of U.S based World Resources Institute said that “the report is clearly implying the certain amount of warning and in the few decades we will lock ourselves with the commitment of climate change”. She further said that the choices we make today last deep effects over our future.

It goes without saying that the idea of climate change is politically controversial but majority of the scientists believe on its existence.  It is said that the summary of the full document– consisted on 1000 pages- gives clear idea to lawmakers. It covers regions, continents, degree of risks, repercussion, flood risk, marine life and agriculture.  Actually, this document has been divided in portions because it would help the lawmakers to understand what problem their locations will face.

The report reveals that climate change has also affected the drinking water and the animal’s behavior. It is written in the document that the sudden change in the pattern of season has forced the animals to change their locations.

Last but not the least, McGray said that the effects of climate change will not be same for everyone but there are chances that poor are likely to be more hurt.