How You Might Be Able to Rent a Luxury Watch Soon

watchHave you always wanted to dress to impress without paying full price?

A start-up company called Eleven James is now offering a service that allows people to rent luxury watches. In exchange for an annual fee, customers can get a new luxury watch every few months, according to NBC News. The watches available to rent include top names like Rolex, Cartier and Audemars.

Eleven James’ service, which in many ways resembles Rent the Runway, allows the wealthy to be smarter about their spending. By renting, not owning, luxury watches, people can possibly bypass the cost by thousands. It also lets people try out a watch for a few months without having to make a final commitment by purchasing it.

The company offers a few different rental plans that vary depending on the value and number of watches a customer wants each year, NBC News reported. Eleven James employees also meet with customers one-on-one to help tailor the watches to their individual tastes and styles.

According to Fashion Timesthe watch-renting service offers other exclusive perks and benefits to its customers. Because it’s a service geared toward men, customers get access to exclusive events like Super Bowl and Final Four parties. Complimentary luxury goods and services are also included when a person chooses to become a member.

Eleven James’ watch rental service is a great way for people to show off the highest-quality watches for less. Who knows what luxury item will be available to rent next?