Retirement Communities Becoming Popular Choice for Couples in Their Golden Years

retirementBaby boomers rejoice: Florida is no longer the only option to go when you retire, and it shouldn’t be long before word starts to spread on the incredible benefits of living in a retirement community.

Ric and Marci Williams were looking to escape their hometown of New Jersey and move somewhere with a sense of camaraderie that gives you purpose in life beyond your career.

“I tell a lot of my friends still in the work world to enjoy it while you can. When you retire, the world gets very crazy,” Ric Williams joked.

According to Wilmington Biz, the couple moved to Compass Pointe in Brunswick County, NC, and couldn’t be happier.

They say they “looked up and down the East Coast” and beyond to find the perfect place with home essentials to retire, even searching as far as Arizona. They were finally introduced to the idea of a retirement community at a trade show, attracted to the infinite number of built-in amenities to make their lifetime of hard work worth the hassle.

Retirement communities have become more popular with recent retirees as the housing market rebounds. These properties are often located in an area that is quiet and comfortable, yet still close enough to nearby attractions that commuting isn’t an issue.

In particular, North and South Carolina have been known for offering the finest in retirement community options. The locations are right on the Atlantic Ocean, offering beautiful natural scenery along with the occasional trip into the city to enjoy an art exhibit.

Couples often find themselves growing lonely in their later years and yearn for the days when everybody in town knew each other. Retirement communities offer the conviviality of being around similar couples to share experiences with.

When you want to seize the day and try something new, you can go into town and learn how to make clay sculptures. When you feel like you want to take it easy, head to the community pavilion and grill some burgers. The choices are endless.

One thing’s for sure; the generic “retire to Florida” narrative is dead and buried. Oranges are overrated, anyway.