iPhone 6

Top Analysts Reveal Their Predictions for the iPhone 6

iPhone 6Apple released iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c just a few months ago. Even so, speculation about the iPhone 6 has already begun. Consumers are eagerly anticipating another Apple product, and tech experts suggest that the company may have something revolutionary — and even quirky — in store for them.

Most rumors suggest the newest iPhone will vastly improve its map applications, or — specifically — Apple Maps. “Apple has given Maps a much higher level of polish and added much-requested features such as transit maps,”The Washington Post reports. Apple will not stop at a polished interface, others insist. “The firm may even play around with augmented reality, the report said, which lets users see directions and place names laid on top of images from their phone’s camera. Improving maps is particularly crucial if Apple wants to play in the connected car space as much as its recent release of CarPlay, an operating system for smart cars, indicates.”

Apple is also likely to capitalize on increased fitness and overall health awareness trends. Programmers theorize that Apple will release a wearable iPhone, designed to automatically collect pertinent data — such as heart rate and steps taken. The Los Angeles Times speculates that Apple may opt for a larger screen, owing to increasing consumer demand. Apple officials may stray from the numerical naming system, according to The Washington Post.The Washington Post continues, “Apple has been playing around a bit with its names lately, most notably by dropping the numbering scheme from the iPad line to bring us the iPad Air and the iPad mini.”

Some rumors are slightly more far-fetched. Analyst Matt Margolis believes Apple may use sapphire glass for its entire screen. (The iPhone 5s currently uses sapphire glass for its camera lens and finger pad sensor.) Margolis adds that Apple may install a solar chip or sensor, enabling users to wirelessly charge their phones. Online technology resource CNET even goes as far as to suggest a holographic iPhone — including holographic applications for 3-D gaming.