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Tesla’s Gigafactory Announcement lacks some answers

Tesla FactoryTelsa the famous vehicle battery manufacturer has released all the details pertaining to establishment of “Gigafactory” on Wednesday.  Though, the announcement was packed with all the technical details yet it was not made public that where Telsa was going to build its factory.
The official announcement of the company disclosed everything related to construction of the plant, flow process, expected growth and how the company will finance for it. On the other hand, Elon Musk the CEO of Telsa had already said that the company would make a greatest difference by building a factory responsible for the producing highest number of lithium-ion batteries compared to rest of the companies of the world.
But, there are few questions which have not been addressed by the company.  Though, Telsa has categorically said that it would build its factory in any of three states of U.S (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) but Telsa has not made it public that which state has been given more preference. Besides, it is assumed that the factory is going to create 6,500 new jobs for the labor force. And, it is looking to get some tax relaxation prior to beginning with the construction process.
It goes without saying that last week CEO of Telsa Musk said that “Panasonic” will be the preferred partner in the battery cell business. But, in today’s announcement, it has not been made clear whether Telsa still reckons Panasonic a business partner or not.