Whataburger Employee Says She Was Forced to Clean Store Floors With a Toothbrush

whataburgerAt what point is bad management more than just an annoyance? One employee at a Humble, Texas Whataburger says hermanager humiliated her in numerous ways during her employment here. Whitney Clark says that, while working there as a cook, her manager constantly belittled her for her weight, and then made her clean the store’s floor with a toothbrush.

“I will always be a big girl, I’m not ashamed of what I am. I just let it get to me because you hear it over and over and over,” Clark told local channel KHOU. The claim that Clark had to clean the floor with a toothbrush seems Cinderella-like, almost — completely unnecessary labor. Clark says she was ordered to clean both the dining area and the men’s and women’s restrooms this way, and that the job took four hours to complete.

Luckily for Clark, her mother was videotaping the incident with her cell phone. The video shows Clark on her knees, scrubbing the tiles using a very small brush. “It makes me feel so disgusted,” she said of the incident. Clark says her knees were hurt during the process and for that reason she filed a workman’s compensation claim along with her complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She says that she walks with a slight limp thanks to the accident, though she thinks the physical pain will go away more quickly than the emotional pain.

“It’s not unusual for companies not to know how to maintain their floors properly, however if the floors were maintained properly they would have had to be a bit more creative with punishment for this employee.” says Rob Nelson of Rebound USA.

Although Whataburger has not responded to Clark’s claims that her manager belittled her, they have said that it was not a toothbrush, but a hand brush for cleaning the tile grout. “One of our Core Values at Whataburger is to treat others with respect. We also pride ourselves in providing a safe and clean working environment,” their statement reads. “Therefore we ask all of our employees at all levels to participate in keeping our restaurants clean for our customers. Cleaning with proper cleaning equipment is standard operating procedure for all our restaurants.”


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